The Lake Effect

Unfinished business

Sometimes I look at old drafted posts and think about finishing them. Then sometimes I think about posting them unfinished.
Since my computer is a piece of crap and my laptop won’t let me sign into tumblr, I use my phone.
I hate typing on my phone, so that’s why I don’t post much original content.

Take a dip into the refreshing waters of Darienne Lake. Photo credit: @glamgender hair: @beckymotorlodge tits: duct tape, a rope, pulley, and magic.

Take a dip into the refreshing waters of Darienne Lake. Photo credit: @glamgender hair: @beckymotorlodge tits: duct tape, a rope, pulley, and magic.

Anonymous asked: Did anything really surprise you about the taping of the show? I've heard it's a pretty long day each time

All of it was a surprise. As a fan, you think you know what they are going to do. As a contestant, they flip the script so you don’t know. It was such a great experience, and an eye opening one as well. Yes, the days are long, but as any experienced queen will tell you, she’s had long days that lead into long nights. Gay Pride weekends are drag-a-thons. So buy that girl a drink, a slice of pizza, and give that working girl a dollar.

Anonymous asked: Did you feel threatened by DeLa?

I was threatened by every queen. Like Velociraptors, it’s not the one you’re looking at, but the one that sneaks up on you. Every girl can snatch that crown. You’ll see. Remember, internet rumors are just that, rumors. Remember the one about Bianca hurting herself week one? That one was huge. Also remember that this is a reality competition program, not a documentary.

Anonymous asked: What did you tell people when you went away to film the show? :)

I told them that I fell while texting and walking to my car in the rain (like an idiot) and broke both my wrist and my phone. I cut hair, so it was important that I needed a good enough excuse not to use my hands.

1-uongo asked: What do you think about DeLa afterall? Do you still dislike her or you have learned that it was all just some misunderstanding?

I liked Dela from the first moment we met. When we were paired up for the tops & bottoms challenge, she knocked the wind out of me from bouncing up and down. I almost passed out, but I was secretly hoping Simon from the PitCrew would give me mouth to mouth.
Most of the banter between Ben DeLaCreme and I was snarky and all in good fun. You can even hear laughter in the background. Yes, things did get a little tense, but hopefully you’ll see that work itself out. Dela is a take charge, professional who takes control and gets shit done. I admire her greatly.

shostabr0vich asked: There were a lot of rumors flying around early that for snatch game, you were going to do Joan Rivers and SLAY all the children. Do you think you'd be able to actually pull off a good Joan?

Can we talk? I think I would’ve done alright as Joan. I also planned on doing Big Ang, or Anna Nicole. I thought it would be best to do a complete character.
I have to tell you, Snatch Game is harder than it looks. You have to find the right moment to jump into the conversations without cutting off RuPaul. That’s why I think they used my quips rather than my answers to the questions.

the-shade-of-it-all asked: How do you actually feel about Milk? Have you two become friends since filming?

We were friends during filming, and are still friends. For the record, I said, “most people might look at Milk and say, ‘I don’t get it.’ but I do. She reminds me of my friend Ambrosia Salad or Glitz Glamour.”
I posted an article on my Facebook page saying that Milk was one of my favorite people this season. She’s a lousy lay, but so nice. (Kidding)

My grandmother used to say, “Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see.”

andreluizbarbosa asked: omg i can't believe it's you! I didn't know you had an official tumblr :) thank you so much for liking my bianca del rio illustration, it would be awesome if she saw it. youre gorgeous & i love you and all of you fierce queens ♥ can't wait for next episode; have a lovely night xx - André

She just posted it on her Instagram. I sent it to her via text. (We are friend irl)